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From the desk of Rev. Danny Barrett, Pastor


Danny's Musings

Well what do you know, Christmas is already here. I know all of you have all of your gifts ready to be given, meals planned, and your house is decorated and ready for the festivities. Right? Well may be not but we all know that it will happen very soon and all will be wonderful.

I have a brief story of a Christmas story to tell of the birth of Jesus. That truly is the real reason for the season. Not the gifts but receiving the gift of Jesus. Here is that story" As a missionary in Argentina, I served Peace Community Church in Rosaria. It was an intimate community of faith. …

The role of the innkeeper went to Facundo, a 12-year-old boy who had already grown to 6 feet tall. Facundo was the church caretaker's son and lived in the rear of the property. While large for his age, he was gentle of spirit. All the children loved him.
With the music playing softly from the roof, Joseph led the donkey that carried Mary and stopped in front of the "inn" and knocked. Facundo opened the door and stood in the doorway. When he saw the donkey, and Mary sitting on it, his eyes grew wide. He had been given two lines, the first of which was: "There is no room in the inn." Later he was to say, "We have a stable you can use."
"Joseph" asked for a room, which was the cue for Facundo's first line. Facundo kept looking at Mary on the donkey and said nothing. One could hear soft, nervous laughter coming from the audience. A prompter from behind the church door softly repeated Facundo's line. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Facundo said his line aloud. Joseph insisted. "But we have come from a long journey, and my wife is due to have a baby."
Facundo looked at the donkey that carried Mary and looked at Mary. The prompter whispered his line once again from the other side of the door. "There is no room in the inn," repeated Facundo, this time with hesitancy. He stood in the doorway watching. Joseph insisted again. "We are so tired; do you know anywhere we can stay?"
This was the cue for Facundo's second line. ...
Facundo stood still, looking at the couple. Then he blurted out, "You can have my room!" pointing to the rear of the church property.
There was silence. Joseph just looked at Facundo and said nothing. It wasn't supposed to have played out this way. If Facundo had said his lines correctly, Mary and Joseph and the babe would have gone to the end of the sidewalk in front of the church, where there was a "stable" prepared for them.
Finally, Mary broke the ice. "Okay," she said. "That's really nice of you." She dismounted from the donkey. The caretaker led the donkey away, and Joseph and Mary went through the door of the "inn" to stay in Facundo's room. The audience burst into applause. The children took their bows. The pageant couldn't have been scripted any better. Facundo stole the show and the hearts of the neighborhood. He had captured the meaning of Christmas, because he made room for the Christ child in his life.

Be Blessed
Danny B

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