Pastor's Note
From the desk of Rev. Danny Barrett, Pastor


The personal moment:

Well July is here and the heat is beginning to rise and the rains have just about quit. I remember when I was a young sprout and the heat really didnt bother me like it does today. I always considered it to be a gift. To be allowed to be outside and play with friends, or maybe go to the lake to swim, or get in a rousing baseball game. These were gifts that came because we looked for them. How long has it been since you looked for a gift? I know that children look for Christmas and birthdays but we as adults, what gifts are we looking for? I read a brief story and I want to share it with you:

A woman who was just released from Tampa General Hospital probably received the best Christmas present of anyone in the city. It came early, a week ago today to be exact. In Au-gust, she was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy, a rare heart disorder which causes the muscles of the heart to become inflexible. It's generally terminal. The only medical cure is a heart transplant.

Over the past five months, she has become progressively weaker. More and more of her active life has been taken from her as she waits for the possibility of a new heart. At 2:00 on a dark, cold morning, she was awakened and told that the new heart was on its way. By 4:00 the heart was in place, and by 10:00 the next morning, she was out of surgery and in the ICU.

When I visited with her a couple of days later, we talked about the gift of this new heart. She said, "You know, this was the second time that someone died for me."

See You Sunday!

Danny B


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