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From the desk of Rev. Danny Barrett, Pastor


The Verbage of the Pastor!


             How many times do we think that God is not listening?  God never answers my requests!  God does not hear me!  God is a presence that is constantly listening, answering, and giving you responses. The response may not be what you were expecting but it is still an answer.  Here is an illustration that gives us proof. 

Does God find it hard to be God?

God hearing us was dramatized in the 2003 film comedy Bruce Almighty, in which God is portrayed by Morgan Freeman. Jim Carrey plays the other main character, Bruce Nolan, a television field reporter in Buffalo, New York, who wants to be the anchorman. But when he is passed over for promotion and some other things go wrong and he is then fired, Bruce takes out his frustration by claiming that God is "the one who should be fired."

In response, God calls Bruce to a meeting, where God offers Bruce the divine powers. Bruce is initially jubilant, using these powers for personal gain and pleasure. But eventually, Bruce begins to hear voices in his head, and it's quite a cacophony. He again meets with God, who confronts Bruce about his selfish use of his powers and explains that the voices are prayers to God, and that Bruce must deal with them. Bruce finds that the influx is far too great for him to handle -- even though God had stated that he is only receiving prayers from the Buffalo area.

So Bruce creates a computerized system to receive the prayers and sets the program to automatically answer yes to every petition. Bruce soon sees, however, that automatically granting everyone's prayer requests has plunged the city into chaos. So Bruce tries answering prayers manually as best he can. Of course, he can't handle that either, and he eventually asks God to take back his powers. The movie ends on a high note, but along the way, we get at least a celluloid confirmation that God hears us.

It's hard to be God -- unless you're God.


Be Blessed


Danny B


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