Pastor's Note
From the desk of Rev. Danny Barrett, Pastor


The message from the Pastors Desk!

What a year this has been. You have given Christ the opportunity to feed yours and my spirit. We have had a fantastic year as far as bringing back the accountability and working as a well-oiled machine to further the cause of Christ. We have made major strides, but we can do better. My prayer is for our church to be a beacon of light in Emory Texas that shines so strong that nothing can extinguish it.

Since this is College bowls and playoffs let me give a little story about a football coach:

University of Illinois football coach Bob Zuppke was renowned for the fire and fervor of his half-time pep talks. One afternoon, his team hit the locker room after the first half well behind in both points and enthusiasm. Zuppke began talking to them and the more he talked, the louder and more dramatic his voice became. The momentum built in the players. Then the coach pointed to the door at the far end of the locker room and said, "Now go out there and win this game!" Filled with emotion the players got off the bench, ran toward the door and charged through it. But it was the wrong door, and one by one they fell into the swimming pool! It is one thing to be all charged up - it is quite another thing to be headed in the right direction.

The Right Direction is to follow the light of Christ! Shine on Emory United

Methodist Church!

Be Blessed

Danny B

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